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Buy Cheap Instagram Likes to Compliment Your Followers

Buy Cheap Instagram Likes to Compliment Your Followers

Are you working hard to promote your Instagram account but aren’t growing it with real followers at a rate you are happy with? 100% organic growth can take time, as you need to build your account up enough that you start to get noticed, and from there it can start to snowball and grow at a much faster rate.

This requires not only buying Instagram followers, but you also need to buy cheap Instagram likes to create the illusion of a complete active profile. It would look strange if you visited Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account with millions of followers and her posts just have a few likes on each, right? Well, many people focus only on their followers and completely ignore the post engagement.

Buying Instagram followers isn’t a big secret. Many people do it and there is a never ending supply of companies offering the service, even though most offer low quality service. Since it’s public knowledge, many people are on the lookout for accounts that have fake followers. It’s important that you do everything you can to make your account look natural if you decide to inflate your following with followers you buy.

Add Followers Then Buy Cheap Instagram Likes

When you buy Instagram followers, make sure you also add some Instagram likes to the shopping cart as well. When you do it at the same time, you can be sure that your follower count will also be closely related to the engagement rate on your most recent posts.

If you add 10,000 new followers to your account that means that all of your posts from that time on should be receiving around 1,000 extra likes from the new followers. Spending a few extra dollars to add Instagram likes to your posts will help you keep a real-looking page, even though you are buying Instagram followers and likes.

If you have been neglecting your page’s engagement, consider buying some cheap Instagram likes to make your posts look better to the naked eye in the event someone decides to look at your content in more detail. You want everyone to take a quick glance and assume your followers are real since your post engagement number look believable.


Why Cheap Instagram Likes Need to Be a Part of Your Strategy

A little slip or lag in time between posting and receiving likes can make your account look suspect. When you order Instagram likes and followers together from myhotfollowers you know they will both be delivered in their entirety within minutes of ordering. This ensures that your account integrity is never compromised.

The 3 Important Instagram Engagement Metrics You Must Know

There are three metrics that are indicators of whether or not an Instagram account is popular:

Followers: This is the one that most people focus on. Naturally, and account that is very popular is going to have a large following.

You want to buy a realistic number of followers. While a well known celebrity can buy 100,000 followers at a time and people won’t think twice about it, if the average person did that most would assume that they were buying Instagram followers. For the average person, even just 10,000 followers is a HUGE number. Be realistic and don’t draw extra unwanted attention to your profile because you add an unrealistic amount of followers

Likes: This is the easiest way to tell if an Instagram account has real followers, because if it does, then the likes to follower ration should be at least 1:10. For every 10 followers, you should be able to get a single like on a post. Instagram’s feed makes it so simple to quickly scroll down and “like” posts with a quick double tap. So many users scroll down and double tap everything. If the following is real, expect a 10% like response, at the very least.

Comments: Because “liking” posts is so easy with a double tap, many people don’t comment. If you decide to comment you have to stop scrolling and type a message. Liking allows you to still show your appreciation without having to spend time typing. Comment rations are very low, unless a celebrity is posting something that starts to trend.


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