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Buy Real Looking Instagram Likes Online

Buy Real Looking Instagram Likes Online

You could have a million followers on Instagram, but if your posts aren’t receiving a realistic ratio of likes to followers, you risk looking like a spammer and people will call you out on buying Instagram followers. To avoid that, buy real looking Instagram likes to compliment your followers.

So many people focus only on the number of followers they have, but completely ignore the actual engagement of their posts. Take a minute to look at some of the celebrities you follow on Instagram. Compare the number of followers they have to the number of likes their posts receive. It would look strange if they had millions of followers but no likes, right? In order to keep your account looking real, you

In this blog post we are going to educate you on what a realistic follower to like ratio is, and why you need to make sure that you only buy Instagram likes that appear to be 100% real. It’s important you understand how to use followers and likes to your advantage, just like so many celebrities and famous companies have done in the past and continue to do so today.

Learn How To Maintain Perfect Ratios When Buying Likes!

What is a Realistic Follower to Like Ratio?

There is a sliding scale, and you will want to mix it up, avoiding sending the same number of likes to each post. Some accounts will have exactly 1,000 likes per post and that looks so fake. You need to keep the numbers random per post, but stay in the range of 10% to 40% likes engagement.

So, if you are building up a new account and buy 50,000 Instagram followers you should aim for having at least 5,000 likes per post, with some as high as 10,000 to 15,000. That would make the engagement realistic, helping you to portray the image of having a very popular Instagram profile.

Also, don’t ignore your past posts. It’s always a good idea to add some likes to older posts as your following increases. When someone new follows an account it’s typical that they look at old posts and if something catches their eye they will give it a like. They aren’t paying attention to publishing date, so this strategy will help your page look completely natural and organic.

Why You Should Only Buy Real Looking Instagram Likes

Simply ordering Instagram likes from any provider you come across online isn’t the smartest move. A lot of people that come into contact with your profile will look at your pictures and click through to see who liked them. It has a lot to do with curiosity.

  • Who follows them?
  • Who likes this?

So, when that does happen, you want to be sure that they won’t question whether or not your likes are real or fake. Low quality ones are easy to spot, while the highest quality Instagram likes, such as the ones we provide, will look totally real. Nobody will ever question them or wonder if you are buying real looking Instagram likes. Looking popular is one thing, but doing so while looking 100% real is something entirely different. Only trust your Instagram account integrity with professionals.

Buy Real Looking Instagram Likes to Attract More Followers

The whole point of buying Instagram followers and likes it to make your profile appear to be popular and something that one would want to follow. Nobody buys likes and followers without the same end goal: to attract more real followers and likes. Buying them is a tool to attract real ones. While no provider can deliver real active followers, we do provide the realest looking. They won’t engage with your posts, but they won’t make anyone suspicious of your account, either.

It’s very important that you buy real looking Instagram likes as well as followers, to keep up the illusion of having a popular Instagram account. Maintaining a believable like to follower ratio, like mentioned above, will help you fly under the radar while you attract real followers and engagement. You can buy real looking Instagram likes from myhotfollowers with complete confidence, knowing that under no circumstance will anyone ever think, even for a second, that you are inflating your likes by purchasing them.


How to Use Real Looking Instagram Likes to Gain Real Followers

We see a lot of people order Instagram followers and no likes, and while a large following will help you generate some interest, intelligent users are going to look at your content before deciding whether or not they are going to follow you. If they see you have a large following but no likes, they will associate your account with a fake one. Every time you place an order for Instagram followers, add in some likes and spread them across your posts.

This helps your content look popular, and doesn’t spike the numbers to an unbelievable number instantly. Adding likes on a steady, but consistent basis, will help you maintain a believable follower to like ratio. It takes a combination of the two working together to give you a truly believable presence. And, if you are posting videos you will want to purchase Instagram views to make them appear to be real as well.


Now that you know how many likes you should be receiving per post, according to a realistic ratio, you can buy real looking Instagram likes here. We suggest a minimum ratio of 10%, but if your budget allows for it, 40% will really make your content stand out and it will spark a much faster organic growth for your Instagram profile.

The key is to be consistent and spread the likes out across all of your posts. If a few have thousands of likes and some have none it will look unnatural and actually hurt your account’s growth. Make sure you buy real looking Instagram likes whenever you buy Instagram followers to ensure that your content engagement is always on par with your number of followers. It’s a strategy that has worked for countless celebrities and public figures, and we are certain it will benefit your Instagram profile as well.