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HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF FACEBOOK STORIES | Buy Instagram Followers and Likes starting at $2.97


facebook stories

With Facebook redesigning Pages for small businesses, Facebook Stories have become more important than ever before. People can view your Story by clicking on your page’s profile picture. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything unless you know how to make amazing Facebook Stories.

While the content you post in your Facebook Stories can vary from business to business, there are some things that apply to each and every single business out there.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best tips on how to get the most out of your Facebook Stories.

1- Get In The Action As Early As Possible:

When it comes to trying new things that you are not sure how they work, it’s very easy to procrastinate. You tell yourself that you need to learn everything there is to learn about it first and then actually do it. But, sometimes you need to get a hands-on experience to get a feel of how something works. If you just keep speculating, you will lose a lot of valuable time that you would otherwise have spent being productive.

Facebook Stories are just like that. You need to try it at your earliest opportunity. Get a feel of the layout and just post a few updates and see what works for your brand.

2- Your Stories Should Reflect Your Brand:

Just like the posts on your Facebook page, your Facebook Stories should also be related to your brand as well. You are your brand’s ambassador and it’s up to you how you portray your brand.

Use emojis, filters, frames, hashtags and colored text to make your Stories more appealing as well as entertaining. Don’t worry too much if your first few Stories don’t get the response you want. Keep trying and practicing to perfect the art of making Stories and eventually, you will see your desired results.

3- Post Frequently:

Facebook Stories are meant to be quick glimpses in your and your brand’s everyday lives. Keep it fun and short but entertaining and engaging so that people will want to see more of you. This is the perfect way to showcase your brand behind-the-scenes and promotions.

Make sure that you post at a time when your audiences are most likely to be online. Yes, Facebook Stories are there for 24 hours but it’s still a good idea to choose a good time to post them.

4- Don’t Post Overly Business Related Stories:

sales pitch

If you have a promotion going on, do brag in your Stories to get more engagement and sales. If you have a new product coming up, make sure you build the hype using Facebook Stories in a strategic way. Facebook Stories are a great way to enhance your business opportunities.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to always post about your brand and nothing else. If you do that, it may prove to be detrimental for you instead of being beneficial. Keep it fun and engaging while sprinkling in business and sales deriving Stories here and there.

5- Add A Personal Touch:

This relates to the previous point as well. The main purpose of a Story is to give people some real content like what goes on behind the scenes of your brand and its day to day routine etc. If you have a big product launch coming up soon, you can build up the excitement by showing people a play by play of how the product came into existence. Sometimes just a selfie or a quote can be enough. Just add a personal touch that people can connect to because that’s all they want from a social media channel.

6- Value Your Followers’ Time:

When you are creating a Story, keep your followers in mind. They would be spending their valuable time when watching your content and it should not be wasted. You can entertain them, give them some piece of valuable information, and make them feel special by offering them discounts and showing them a private side of your brand that they can only see through Facebook Stories. Also, while posting frequently is a good idea, don’t post too much because it can become annoying really quickly.