How to get your content on the explore page

How to get your content on the explore page

Do you want to know the fast track to growing your account on Instagram? It’s called the Explore page, and a feature on there can result in a huge boost in followers, engagement, and lead generation.

But, finding your way onto that page is shrouded in mystery for many aspiring influencers. Especially with all the constant algorithm changes, it can feel very frustrating when you’re putting so much time and effort into your account, without seeing any real growth.

If you manage to get your post shown on the Explore page though, you’re getting extra exposure and accelerated growth! But, how do you get there?

What is the explore page?

Let us begin by giving you a nice rundown of exactly what the explore page is, and why it’s so useful for growing your account.

The explore page has long been a feature on Instagram, and its primary use is to help you find more accounts that you’ll enjoy on the platform. It highlights popular accounts by showing their recent images to people who aren’t currently following them.

It is a constant stream of content that Instagram thinks you would enjoy, and a great way to expand the kind of accounts that fill up your follow list.

How does Instagram choose what posts to show?

The explore page is different for every user, as it is based on past activity and individual interests. But the way that they select which images to highlight still works the same from account to account – it’s only the results that will differ.


Engagement covers everything from likes, comments, and saves.

But, it’s about more than just attracting good levels of engagement – you have to attract it quickly. The algorithm favors content that attracts high levels of engagement within the first 15 minutes. Because of this, you need to be keeping track of your accounts analytics through your business account to see exactly when your followers are most active.

The Network Effect

Instagram fills your explore page with content you’ve liked, and content that accounts you follow have liked. This is called the “network effect”.

Don’t just tag random accounts though – that is one quick way to mark your account as spam!



How to get your content on the explore page

Tailored content

First and foremost, you need to be posting high-quality content on your feed. Low-quality posts will do nothing to improve your brand or attract engagement. Without the engagement, you’re not going to appear on the explore page – which is why we’re here! And the easiest way to do this is with top-notch content. Then, use this information to dictate your own content calendar.

Include a call-to-action

  1. “Be sure to click that heart if you like this!”
  2. “Tell me your favorite flavor in the comments!”
  3. “Tag a friend who would LOVE this in the comments!”

See? Simple and effective ways to increase the engagement on your post!

The Power of the Hashtag

If you’re on Instagram and not working your hashtag game to its full advantage, then you’re really missing out!

Including just one hashtag in your post’s caption can result in an average of 12.6% more engagement than leaving them out altogether.

Follow these simple tips, and you’ll soon see an increase in engagement, followers, and website clicks from your profile.