There are three engagement metrics that indicate whether or not an Instagram profile is popular. They are the number of followers an account has, the number of likes each post receives (or the number of views if it’s a video) and the number of comments each post attracts.

While the number of followers is the number one trust signal of a popular account, you need to increase your Instagram likes to compliment your followers. Instagram has become such a popular platform for marketing and its user base is growing at a very fast pace. People know if they see an account with a huge following but little to no post engagement there is a very good chance the page is built on fake followers and it automatically loses all credibility.

There is nothing wrong with buying Instagram followers, but you need to make sure you have a well thought out strategy and you use it as a tool; almost like a foundation, to attract real users that will like and comment your content.

Why You Need to Focus on Likes as Much as Followers

If you ignore your likes, just as many inexperienced Instagram users do, it will make your efforts much less effective. You see, when you buy Instagram followers it will make your popularity look great from the outside, but once someone starts to explore your content it will become very obvious that the following isn’t real, unless there is engagement on your posts.

If someone sees your account with 150K followers and then sees your posts get only a handful of likes each, they won’t want to follow you because it’s assumed you bought all of your followers and the popularity is fake. Now, if someone visits the same account with 150K followers and quickly glances at all of the posts and sees that there is anywhere from 8,000 to 20,000 likes per post they aren’t going to second guess anything. They confirm that it’s a popular account and are likely to follow. You can quickly attract real followers and build up a loyal following simply by being smart about buying Instagram followers and likes.


Make your Account Famous by Increasing Instagram Likes!

Best Strategy for Increasing Your Instagram Likes

If your account is brand new, then it’s a good idea to increase your Instagram likes as you go, adding them to each post as it goes live. This gives off the impression that your followers are instantly connecting with your content and liking it. When someone views your page and sees that posts you just did are receiving high engagement it makes you look very popular.

If you have an older account and you are now trying to grow it, you will want to make sure you do a couple of things:

  1. Make sure you don’t just increase your Instagram likes on your most recent posts. If someone looks at your page and sees that posts from a week ago have 10 likes per, and that your last few posts have 10,000 likes that will set off a red flag. You have to give off the illusion that your account has been popular for a long period of time. People won’t scroll back too far, but you want to make sure that a good portion of your content has the same range of likes.
  1. Naturally the number of likes that each post receives will increase as your followers increase, so start from the beginning and start to sprinkle likes, increasing the number as you move towards your more recent posts. Then as you post new content make sure that you increase your Instagram likes right away. You don’t want to have all kinds of posts with a lot of likes and then a new post sitting there with nothing. Make sure your likes hit as soon as your new posts are live. We deliver Instagram likes within minutes of ordering so this won’t be an issue if you are buying Instagram likes from myhotfollowers.

Ideal Follower to Like Ratio on Instagram

It’s always a good idea to have a minimum ratio of 10:1, so if you have 10,000 followers you should aim for around 1,000 likes per post. You don’t want to send an exact number to each post because that wouldn’t look natural. For example, if you posted three new images you might want the likes to read something like 893, 1,174, and 972. Those are believable numbers for 10,000 followers and it looks completely natural.

If you were to send exactly 1,000 likes to each post that would look fake and it would have a negative impact on your account growth. The key to successful Instagram marketing with purchased followers and likes is to always look real and natural. The minute you look fake it will cause problems.

Your Instagram Likes Must Be High Quality

There are many websites that offer to increase your Instagram likes, but they are not all created equally. The quality of your likes will either help your growth or ruin your profile entirely. It’s very easy to see who likes your posts, and if someone decides to explore your page and they see a bunch of accounts with odd names and no profile pictures you will lose a potential new follower and they might even flag your account for spam.


Now that you understand the importance of “likes” you should start to balance out your account and make your content appear to be just as popular as your following portrays. You can increase your Instagram likes easily by selecting one of our packages and letting us know what posts you would like the engagement distributed across.

Our process is streamlined to deliver your Instagram likes almost instantly, and never taking longer than an hour. We also never ask for sensitive information like your account password. All we will need is the URL’s of the posts you would like us to add high quality likes to. If you have any questions, please contact our support department. We have agents available 24/7 to field and answer your questions.